I am a big fan of cooking and baking. Below are just some of the things I've cooked and baked with links to the recipes and my opinions.

This banana bread recipe is a go-to for me as it always turns out amazing. Super delicious with or without chocolate chips and not too difficult to make, just a bit time consuming as it has to bake for an hour.

This challah bread was a bit time-consuming to make but turned out absolutely amazingly! Definitely worth it if you're looking for a hearty bread.

This white bread recipe always turns out great. Although making bread from scratch is a laborious process, the end result is so rewarding and tasty!

Going to be honest here, I don't have the recipe. I was just given this cookie dough and told to bake it so I did and it turned out great. It was peanut butter but with a hint of cinnamon.

This two-banana bread turned out nicely although everyone I've talked to prefers the original 3-banana recipe.

These pretzels were pretty easy and have turned out amazing every time I've made them. Tip: be sure to buy a very coarse salt to top them!

(Link to Recipe).I was too intimidated to try making bagels initially, but this recipe makes it pretty easy and I have made some killer bagels with it.

This bolognese sauce turned out to be delectable and a great sauce for tagliatelle noodles. Although it takes a bit of work, it's definitely worth it over store-bought pasta sauce.

Banana ice cream is amazing because to make it, you literally just have to put frozen bananas into a blender... that's it! Add some vanilla or cinnamon to make it even tastier.

These protein bars were originally a project to try and copy Bobo's bars.. being honest, they taste nothing like them. But they're still pretty good! I prefer them with no protein powder.

This nitro cold brew was homemade by taking some homemade cold brew (I use a Kinto cold-brew maker) and putting it into a cream whipper. Alternatively if you don't want to spend the money on nitrous, you can make Caffè Shakerato, which is Italian shaken iced coffee. You basically just add a tiny dabble of sugar and cold (or hot) coffee into a container and shake it and it makes a foam!