Although my main computer science interest is white-hat hacking, you have to be able to at least read (and usually write) code in order to hack effectively, so I do a bit of programming too!

Language Proficiencies:

Check out my GitHub, where I have published some basic python pentesting tools and other resources for ethical hackers.


A simple coin betting game I made (link to the source code)


Check my Python Tools repository on GitHub, where I have a couple of simple Python pentesting tools.


Simply look at the style-sheet for this website! Or the source code for HTML. I built it all myself.

Windows Shell Script

This is a simple tool I made to ping whatever website you tell it to on a loop.

This was a "more complex" batch tool I made to allow you to edit/create txt documents. Be nice, it was my first big program I ever made and I was probably 12!


This is a simple number guessing game that involves two players (at the same computer).

This is a very basic browser. Basically just me experimenting with the browser functions of Visual Basic.

This is a Tic-Tac-Toe board with buttons to press X or O in each square.